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The International Belonging Research Laboratory (IBRL) was founded in 2018 to create a  research group of academics from around the world to collaborate, network and share their research in the area of belonging. 


The Belonging Lab 

The IBRL oversees a small private group on facebook for belonging researchers and academics. All researchers interested in the science of belonging are welcome to join. 

If you would like to network with a private facebook group, share your research or publications, network with like-minded researchers, or even collaborate on a project, please consider joining us.​​


Alternatively, follow us on instagram and twitter.


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Using the Collection of Measures

The IBRL provides a hub of freely available measures and questionnaires that can be used for research purposes by students and researchers. If you would like to use questionnaires from our repository, please follow the individual licensing and copyright instructions provided by the respective authors. If you are the author of a questionnaire or measure and would like it added to our collection, please contact us via email.











School, Youth and Student Belonging


Attitude towards school 

School attitude questionnaire (SAQ)

Seker, 2011


California Healthy Kids Survey

California Department of Education, 2015

Elementary School Questionnaire

Middle School Questionnaire


Classroom Community Scale

Rovai, 2002


Identification with School Questionnaire

Voelkl, 1997

Source study


Measure of Belonging in Youth Development Programs 

Sense of belonging scale

Anderson-Butcher & Conroy, 2002


Patterns of Adaptive Learning Scales (PALS)
Midgley et al., 2000


Psychological Sense of School Membership Scale

Goodenow, 1993

Source study


Research Assessment Package for Schools 
Institute for Research and Reform in Education, 1998


School Belongingness Scale
Arslan & Duru, 201
Source study


School Connectedness Scale 
Lohmeier & Lee, 2011


School Engagement Scale

Fredericks, Blumenfeld, Friedel & Paris, 2005.

Source study


School Success Profile

Bowen, Richman, Bowen, & Broughton, 2003


Sense of Social and Academic Fit

Walton & Cohen, 2007


Student Engagement in School (APA)

Lam et al., 2014


Student Engagement in Schools Questionnaire (SESQ)

Lam & Jimerson, 2008


Student Engagement Instrument (SEI)

Appleton & Christenson, 2004


Student Sense of School Community Scale

Roberts, Horn & Battistich, 1995


The Communities That Care Youth Survey
Communities That Care Ltd, 2010


The Hemingway Measure of Adolescent Connectedness 
Karcher, 2001 
Source Study


Youth Self Report for Ages 11-18
Achenbach & Edelbrock, 1987 


Belonging Scale (to after care programs)

Gambone & Arbreton 1997

The Milwaukee Youth Belongingness Scale (MYBS)

Slaten, Rose, Bonifay, & Ferguson, 2018.


Simple School Belonging Scale

Whiting, Everson, & Feinauer, 2017

Inclusion of Other in the Self (IOS) Scale 
Aron, Aron, & Smollan, 1992



Measurement Tools

University Belonging

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The Belonging Lab

Students’ and Teachers’ Sense of School as a Caring Community

Student Sense of School Community Scale, Teacher Sense of School Community Scale

Roberts, Horn & Battistich, 1995

Teacher Belonging

General Belonging

Measures of Social Identification
Cruwys, Haslam, Dingle, Haslam, & Jetten, 2014

Measuring In-group Identification 
Leach et al., 2008

Motivation and Engagement Scale (MES)

Liem & Martin, 2012


Motivation and Engagement Scale – High School

Martin, 2013

Need to Belong Scale

Leary, 2013.

Source study

Perceived Belonging in Sport Scale
Allen, 2006


Perceived Social Isolation 
Loneliness Scale
Hughes, Waite, Hawkley, & Cacioppo, 2004


Psychological Sense of Organisational Membership

Cockshaw & Shochet, 2010

Source study

Sense of Belonging Instrument (SOBI)

Hagerty & Patusky, 1995

Social Connectedness

Van Bel, Smolders, Ijsselsteijn & deKort, 2009


Social Connectedness and Social Assurance Scales

Lee & Robbins, 1995

Social Connectedness Scale – Revised 
Lee, Draper, & Lee, 2001 

The General Belongingness Scale

Malone, Pillow & Osman, 2012


Measures from Dissertation/Thesis

Belonging, Conformity and Social Status in Early Adolescence

My Relationships with Other Kids My Age Belonging Measure

Grinman, 2002.


Measurement of school connectedness (MOSC) Questionnaire

Sugar, 2012.


School Attachment Questionnaire

Howard & Ziomek-Daigle, 2009

School Connectedness Student Survey
Johnson, 2010

Sense of Belonging among Middle School Students:

School Membership Questionnaire

Carson, 2014

University Connectedness Scale

Stallman & Hurst (no year)

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