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Dr Kelly-Ann Allen, PhD is an associate professor and educational and developmental psychologist at Monash University and honorary principal fellow of the University of Melbourne . With more than ten years’ experience as a school psychologist, she currently combines her academic research interests in the area of belonging with her knowledge as a practitioner to collaborate with international colleagues and translate her research to applied educational contexts.


Kelly-Ann is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society and College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists, where she is the current Treasurer of the Positive Psychology Interest Group and past Treasurer for the National Committee (2012 -2020). She is also member of the American Psychological Society, AARE, and Division 15 (Education Psychology).


Dr Allen is the Editor-in-Chief for The Educational and Developmental Psychologist (Taylor and Francis) and Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Belonging and Human Connection (Brill). She has previously served as an Associate Editor for the Australian Journal of Psychology (Wiley), and the Australian Community Psychologist. Kelly-Ann also serves on several editorial boards, including Educational Psychology Review, the Journal of Positive Psychology in Schools, The British Psychological Society’s, Child and Educational Psychologist and Social Health and Behaviour. 


Kelly-Ann’s interest in belonging has led her to author and edit several books including: The Psychology of Belonging (Routledge), School Belonging in Adolescents: Theory, research, and practice (Springer), Pathways to Belonging: Contemporary research in school belonging (Brill), and Boosting School Belonging in Adolescents: Interventions for teachers and mental health professionals  (Routledge). She has also contributed to a growing number of academic and non-academic publications, presented at international and national conferences and is regularly called upon for media interactions and invited lecturers in the area of belonging. An open access policy on school belonging (free to download) is available in here latest book, Building Better Schools with Evidence-based Policy: Adaptable Policy for Teachers and School Leaders.

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