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Where do you belong?

In a fast moving world, a sense of belonging has never been more important.


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A/Prof Kelly-Ann Allen

Kelly-Ann Allen, PhD is a belonging researcher, Associate Professor and educational and developmental psychologist at Monash University whose work seeks to bridge between academic research and real-world application. She's a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society and an Honorary Principal Fellow of the University of Melbourne. Her work centres on translating and disseminating belonging research findings. This commitment underpins the purpose of this website: to extend the reach of belonging research, making it accessible and impactful beyond academia. 
Researching belonging is like navigating a city's streets – everyone's path is different, and the surroundings influence the journey profoundly. This site gathers research, writing and resources on belonging. You are invited to explore! - Kelly-Ann


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"Belonging." A simple word bearing complex and multifaceted meanings.

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

More schools are measuring belonging. Understanding the findings involves a number of considerations

Sand Dunes
The Lonely Little Cactus.jpg

The Lonely Little Cactus is a children’s picture storybook about a cactus that feels lonely in the desert. Through colourful interactions with desert dwellers, the little cactus learns coping strategies for loneliness.


Both entertaining and educational, the storybook is aimed at children aged 4-8 years old and spreads the message that loneliness is a common emotion that is manageable and can be overcome. It teaches children various coping strategies and encourages them to try multiple approaches to managing a difficult situation to find the best strategy.

The Lonely Cactus

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