Where do you belong?

In a fast moving world, a sense of belonging has never been more important.


Dr Kelly-Ann Allen

Dr Kelly-Ann Allen, PhD is an educational and developmental psychologist, fellow of the College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists and honorary fellow of the University of Melbourne. With more than ten years’ experience as a school psychologist, she currently combines her expertise as a practitioner with her academic research interests in the area of belonging and social inclusion. 

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Grounded in theory, research, and practical experience, Boosting School Belonging provides 48 activities for practitioners and teachers to use with classes, groups, or individuals to help secondary students develop a sense of school belonging. Through six modules, readers will understand the evidence underlying each module, identify fun and practical tools to use with young people, and develop strategies for helping young people connect with teachers, parents, peers, themselves, learning, and help.

The evidence-based strategies and concepts make it an invaluable resource for teachers, psychologists and counsellors looking to help foster a sense of school belonging amongst students.


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