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Where do you belong?

In a fast moving world, a sense of belonging has never been more important.

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Dr Kelly-Ann Allen

Dr Kelly-Ann Allen, PhD is an educational and developmental psychologist, fellow of the College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists and honorary senior fellow of the University of Melbourne. With more than ten years’ experience as a school psychologist, she currently combines her expertise as a practitioner with her academic research interests in the area of belonging and social inclusion. 

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The Lonely Little Cactus is a children’s picture story book about a cactus that feels lonely living in the desert. Through a series of colourful interactions with desert dwellers, the little cactus learns strategies to cope with feelings of loneliness.


Both entertaining and educational, the story book is aimed at children aged 4-8 years old and spreads the message that loneliness is a common emotion that is manageable and can be overcome. It teaches children an array of coping strategies and encourages them to try various approaches to managing a difficult situation to find the strategies that best work for them.


Offering a unique opportunity for children to learn about psychological strategies while being engaged in a beautiful narrative and visually captivating illustrations, this is the ideal resource for educators, support staff, practitioners and parents looking to help children understand and manage their feelings.

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